The Journey

I embarked on a journey in ZALORA in May 2016 as a Footwear Designer for ZALORA Women’s Footwear, Regional Private Label. It is the second highest earning category in Regional Private Footwear after women’s apparel. Throughout my time in ZALORA, I designed over 200 designs for the fast fashion brand, with some months going as high as 50 designs.

As a young and budding brand, ZALORA Footwear is still in its stages of refining its fashion brand identity and style. At the time when I joined the brand, it was very sales-driven and the designs were conservative. Upon understanding the business module of the brand, I see unlimited possibilities that the flexibility of the brand can offer – in terms of variety, choices, and sheer convenience, online shopping can’t be beaten. Instead, it has encouraged shoppers to be more adventurous and bolder with their choices, as there’s absolutely no pressure. Hence, I contributed my part by injecting fashion-forward designs that the brand lacked.



The Design Process

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 13.05.08.png

The Products

Footwear is an ideal component of creating a balance and interplay between pieces. It completes the look and can show your personality and mood of the day. I design pieces that are complimentary to a wide range of wardrobe, without losing the personality of the shoe. I adore minimal and clean designs, as well as exploring simple methods of textile manipulation to enhance the design. I pay attention to color harmony and elemental details as I believe that they unify the collections. I covered and explored a wide range of categories in ZALORA, ranging from heel sandals to sneakers.

All shoes featured are sold on ZALORA in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, January 2017 to October 2017.