My name is Ivy and I am a UX Designer from Singapore. 

I came from a fashion design background and I've covered apparel, footwear, bags and accessories design during the early stages of my studies and career. After my first year as a full-time footwear designer, I made a career switch into digital design and user experience design - which opened my mind and perception towards the word "design" and how UX can make the world a better place with small steps and a strong determination (you can read my ux story here).

I've worked in both startup and multi-national companies and spent majority of the time working closely and collaborating with other teams, local and regional. I am always looking for international opportunities as I love engaging with designers and individuals from various background and region. You can Netflix alone, but you never design alone. Design makes the world a better place - even simply avoiding an orphan line does the magic.

I am currently working in Huge Inc. as an Interaction Designer - and is focusing on designing for P&Gā€™s SK-II retail and user experience projects.


If you would like to connect with me, feel free to say hello or request for my resume. You can visit my LinkedIn if you'd like to know more about my experience and skills. I write frequently on Medium and UX Planet. Pop by any of my social links if you just want to talk about Shiba Inu, melancholic electro-pop, Black Mirror and Altered Carbon.